Our Work
Why Eque
Our work is based on the best ideas developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project and refined over twenty years. The work has been tested and developed across both the public and private sectors both nationally and internationally.

We will give you a discerning and forceful framework that will enable you to strengthen the crucial business relationships that affect your bottom line.

Our team includes many of the best professionals in the field. Eque is dedicated to delivering a product that meets customers particular business challenges.
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Our poeple are experts in their field, with deep and broad experience. But being an expert is not enough - they know how to put ideas across to create powerful, persuasive learning environments.
Our workshops are the most dynamic in the field. We make the most of the time people are away from their desks by creating highly interactive workshops that fascinate, challenge and entertain participants. But dynamic is not enough, participants have to take away new skills. We use complex learning strategies to transform good ideas into effective practices.
The work is based on the unrivaled work of Harvard Negotiation Project, and has been tested and proven both nationally and internationally by governments, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.
We tailor our workshops to your needs by conducting pre-training interviews and creating case studies that capture the specific dynamics of your business, department or team.
It's critical that you invest your training budget in sure things. So we guarantee our work.