Negotiation, the Art of Influence
Why You Need This Workshop
When you negotiate unskillfully, you either make agreements that are disadvantageous, or you damage the relationship. In either case you lose. In the vast majority of circumstances, you don't have to choose between getting what you deserve and improving the relationship.

In our negotiation workshop, you will learn a system that you can use to prepare with confidence, to manage the process effectively and objectively determine the quality of the agreement.
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•Adjust to different styles and tactics without being thrown off your game

•Have a map for finding your way, regardless of what your counterpart does

•Understanding the underlying principles within the different approaches so that you can always respond constructively
•Know how to prepare quickly and efficiently

•Focus on the essential elements

•Learn a process to prepare a team
•Understand how to evaluate when to stop negotiating

•Determine your best alternative to any agreement

•Improve your negotiation power

•Estimate the cost of saying no

•Say no while preserving the relationship
•Become more persuasive when working across business units, especially when there are differing priorities

•Bring together colleagues with divergent priorities and orient them towards shared goals

•Be able to speak about and learn from other people’s successes and failures
•Become more strategic in influencing up the power chain

•Learn to look underneath demands to unearth people’s real needs, wants and concerns

•Develop creative strategies for getting people to agree
•Learn strategies for increasing the overall value of any deal so that both parties benefit

•Separate substantive value from the relationship so that you’re not held hostage trying to assuage feelings
•Know ways to handle a bully

•Get what you need even from a weak position

•Learn flexibility to negotiate across cultures

•Diagnose difficult tactics and how to handle them